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Hacks To Help You Strengthen Your Video Marketing Strategy And Achieve Even Greater Results

The importance of video for any marketing strategy these days can hardly be overestimated – after all, video is projected to account for almost 80 percent of all Internet traffic by 2020.

This means that if you are in the marketing business, you can neither ignore video altogether nor be satisfied with basic, run of the mill strategies.

If you want your video marketing campaigns to make the buzz you expect from them, you have to be inventive. In this article, we will cover a few hacks and tricks that will help you squeeze everything from every piece of video you publish.

1. Put a story in the foundation

As a marketer, you should already understand how powerful storytelling can be. An absolute majority of your customers, both potential and existing, don’t care much about how awesome your company is and what epithets you use to describe your product.

If your promotional videos mostly consist of you singing praises to your brand without giving your clients real reasons to be excited about your products, they probably won’t even watch them to the end.

Instead, choose a story that your potential customers would be able to relate to. For example, that of a person, representative of your target demographic who was capable of changing the quality of his life using your product dramatically.

2. Pay particular attention to the first few seconds

Modern audiences are constantly busy and have dozens of distractions fighting for their interest. Their attention spans are also notoriously short, which means that if you are incapable of gluing the viewers to your video with its first few seconds, they are incredibly likely to get bored and switch to something else.

All you have to work with is the first 5 to 10 seconds of your video – if the interesting stuff starts, later on, there is something seriously wrong with your script.

So take a look at your script and try to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Do you feel interested?

Do you feel like you want to know what it all leads up to? However, creating such an introduction requires a lot of experience – you may be better off hiring professionals to do it for you instead of trying to pull it off by yourself.

A recruitment firm based in UK released a fun pre-roll targeting the procrastinators surfing the web during work time:

3. Follow trends

This is a good idea for any kind of marketing, not just your promotional video content. In order to get to your target demographic, you have to create what they are looking for. As you probably know, what one and the same group of people searches for on the Internet doesn’t stay the same.

Trends come and go, with specific searches suddenly tremendously growing in popularity over the course of a few days to plummet a little bit later. If you happen to produce videos that deal with topics that are currently “in,” each piece of content you create is going to make much more buzz than otherwise.

How do you know which stories are anticipated by the audience? Primarily with the help of social listening – follow what your potential clients are talking about, and when you notice a trend make sure you have specialists capable of producing something quickly because trends don’t last long.

4. Invest in live videos

Marketing always strives to make that gap between the customer and the brand as narrow as possible. To a certain extent, this is achieved with the help of the active use of social media, but if you want to make it almost invisible, you’ll have to use live streaming videos.

This kind of content is by definition perceived to be more authentic and trustworthy than anything pre-recorded, and live commenting function makes it even more so. If you want to listen to what your customers have to say and respond to them in real-time, there is no better way to do so than via live commenting.

Each time your brand goes live (if you properly lead up to it) you will perceive a significant surge of interest and attention to it – and you don’t even have to worry about the recording quality too much because live videos are expected to have some issues.


5. Don’t forget search optimization

Although all recent Google updates emphasize content quality, shareability and relevance as the most important factors in video search ranking, traditional SEO factors like keywords still play a significant role.

The most important of them in case of videos are descriptions – make sure they contain all the relevant keywords. However, all good things are good in moderation. Overfilling meta tags with keywords can get your account flagged for spam, so do your research and use a few most important keywords, not all of them.

6. Don’t forget about text and subtitles

According to statistics, about 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched with sound off. This means that if you rely primarily on spoken word to relay your message, a huge share of your viewers isn’t going to get it – or, more likely, they will switch to something else after a few seconds.

This means that you have to incorporate memorable imagery and beautiful typography into your videos or, barring that, at least add subtitles to make it understandable to those who turn the sound off.

Videos are important for marketing, there can be no two opinions about that. However, using them and using them well are two very different things. We hope that these tips will help you in preparing your next promotional campaign.

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