Growth Marketing Stacks: Why Brands Are Investing In Them Now To Make 2021 a Better Year

Now is the time that businesses are vetting their digital marketing options for 2021. If you are like most other organizations, you aren’t sure which marketing services will garner the best return on your investment, nor are you aware as to how various marketing channels help generate leads and increase sales. 

Sure, running SEO services and PPC is enough to help many businesses hit their revenue goals for 2021. However, if you have a longer sales cycle, luxury products with higher price points, and buyer audiences that invest a lot of time in researching your products and industry as a whole, then you will need Rolls Royce of digital marketing–the growth marketing stack.

What is a Growth Marketing Stack?

A growth marketing stack comprises of a set of technology tools and individual marketing strategies customized to run in a synchronized fashion as they work together to achieve the same goals. Most growth marketing stacks include modern SEO services, paid media, some dev work, and inbound marketing.

The best growth marketing agencies like WEBITMD use HubSpot for their CRM (there are other CRMs that are also very good) with a dedicated team to monitor and manage a multi-channel approach to drive, nurture and convert traffic. 

A growth marketing stack’s approach focuses on marketing and sales upon the foundation of how people consume information about a brand and its products, and how they make a purchasing decision. The tactics used that close deals and turn them into revenue bridges strategies with technology to drive measurable business growth

Growth Marketing Stacks Save Organizations Multiple Six Figures Every Year

One reason why savvy organizations are already investing in growth marketing stacks is simple: they save companies money, and the very methodology has a direct impact on their bottom line.


Think about all the time and money that does into running your internal marketing efforts.

(1) You have salaries to pay that range from 50K to 60K for an entry-level account manager, and 100K and more for managers and directors. Most mid-size internal marketing teams have 7 to 10 members, and larger organizations have significantly more. Think about this added expense.

(2) Time. Time is money, and when you need to pull team members from certain projects to assist in marketing or sales tasks, you are limiting your growth potential.

(3) Technology costs. In order to have a robust CRM, a marketing automation system, a keyword tracking tool, social media marketing platforms, and a number of other tech pieces required to increase sales, you can prepare to spend around 100K a year or more just in technology.

Then you would need to hire a specialist trained in your CRM software and that has inbound marketing experience, and that’s about another 70K a year. 

When investing in growth marketing agencies you pay significantly less than you would do this internally, and you will get better results. In reality, growth marketing agencies are plug and play. This means once you are on-boarded, the team will work with you to carve out a custom strategy using a multi-channel approach with the right tech tools (you get access to all of these).

In addition, growth marketing agencies give organizations the ability to move people from their sales and marketing floors to other areas of the business that need support. In fact, most mid-size companies only need two or three internal team members to work with the growth marketing agency to increase leads and sales and ensure solid year-over-year growth.

With superior content strategists, fully aligned marketing channels, and marketing automation technology, growth marketing stacks offer a preeminent solution to multiple organization’s pain points. 

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CEOs Love Growth Marketing Stacks Because They Are Measurable


You probably know all too well how Google Analytics reveals telling data on your traffic such as the number of new visitors and the pages they visit the most. But it doesn’t reveal where they came from, their identities, and the step-by-step journey they took to find your site.

In addition, it doesn’t reveal which specific clicks translated to leads, and converted to buyers. This is critical information to know because it helps marketers improve audience targeting tactics, allows brands to know which channels generate the most revenue, and reveals data that can be used to form deeper connections between the brand and its customers. 

Get ready to smile, because CRMs like HubSpot resolve all of these points, and more. Now you can see where most of your revenue comes in, and who these buyers are.

In fact, HubSpot goes as far as telling you the lead’s name, email address, their job title, where they work, and a number of other data points that can be used to expand reach and increase sales.

Growth marketing stacks also reveal where leads get lost, and which channels convert the lowest. In many cases, growth marketing stacks can reveal that certain approaches are not worth the investment.

In most cases they give up tons of data from other strategies that allow strategists to optimize one channel based on the performance of others.

Here is an example:

Let’s say all of your marketing channels are performing beautifully with the exception of paid media. The SEO strategist can review the data in HubSpot, study rankings, and see what content topics people converted from the most, and which topics lead them to enter the nurturing funnel. Then these keywords and topics can be handed to the paid media strategist, and he can use this data to optimize PPC and Facebook ads. 

Since all marketing channels talk to one another, and sales and marketing are completely aligned, organizations and their growth marketing agency are able to make ongoing adjustments within an agile framework to ensure top performance at all times. 

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Educated buyers make purchasing decisions. And when you invest in a growth marketing stack, you get the technology to automate email marketing with a CRM that tracks everything, from all channels, in a single screen view.

Growth marketing stacks save companies thousands of dollars, and they are fully transparent to give brands peace of mind knowing that they can track their investment and performance metrics at all times. 

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