Groove Jones’s WebAR Campaign Generated Millions of Impressions

Groove Jones created a printed campaign generating millions of impressions on social and media as well as increasing sales by 16.5%.

Project Details

The goal of this program was to create socially relevant, interactive activation, that transcends traditional marketing tactics. It is more than a printed POS (Point of Sale) or an OOH (Out of Home) mural, it is a consumer touchpoint. By using your mobile phone, customers can bring a static image to life and augments reality in a truly innovative way. The sights and sounds you experience are authentic to DDLM, while at the same time keeping the Modelo brand at the forefront. This printed campaign not only generated millions of impressions on social and media, but it also increased sales by 16.5%!


It began with a traditional painted artwork for Dias de Los Muertos, a celebration of life that honors the dead in Mexican culture. The painting imagery featured marigolds, an ofrenda, candles, and a beautiful Katrina holding an ice-cold Modelo Especial. Groove Jones artist digitally created the work that looked as if it had been hand-painted.


The Mural

Then 10 x 15 foot murals were printed and placed in high foot traffic areas that had an art vibe and would support Modelo distribution. The murals were placed in the curated locations along the East Coast in Washington D.C., Charleston South Carolina, Miami and Fort Lauderdale Florida, and New York City.

Off & On-Premise POS

The campaign was supported by smaller print pieces which included, Mass Display Enhancers, Wrapped Canvases, Table Tents, Posters, Coasters & Truck Cards.

Surprise and Delight – No App Necessary

Day of the Dead comes to life in many ways across the globe, but one thing the celebrations all have in common is rejoicing with the food, drink, music, artwork, and activities that lost loved ones enjoyed in life.



The campaign has one call to action – Bring the Mural to Life. Participants that visit the site were able to activate an eye-catching augmented reality experience by pointing their camera at the mural. People were blown away by what they saw and shared videos and photos of the mural. Several of the local newspapers added the mural as the #1 activity to do during the week of Halloween! Driving additional traffic to the mural locations.

Big Results

  • Sales Up 16.5% in October at Wholesales with the Mural POS
  • 7,401,547 Total Impressions via Media and Social
  • 12 Media and Social Placements
  • 7,220,587 Earned media Impressions
  • 180,960 Earned Social Impressions

Team Credits

  • Client – Constellation Brands
  • AR Developed by Groove Jones

About Groove Jones

Groove Jones is a creative technology company that produces next-generation experiences for world-class brands.