Gri Creative Is Proud To Improve Groupama’s User Experience

As an holistic agency designing the interaction between brands and people, Gri Creative has completed the user experience design project of Groupama Turkey’s website.

What are the objectives of the company? What do users want? And which technologies do we need in this process? These were the questions that came to mind at the beginning of the project, and step-by-step approach was used in all phases such as research, analysis, design and production.

Groupama has a functional structure with high availability in which the functions are in the forefront. Most requested functions such as get motor insurance quote, find agency, and claim transactions are now featured on the landing page. While all products can be easily browsed from the main menu, the focus products of the company such as motor insurance, home insurance and health insurance are brought to the forefront. All pages feature informative feeds and plain contents which meet the users’ needs.


We’ve made interviews with various users such as agencies, clients and prospective clients, and surveyed the needs and current experiences with questions intended for the target audience such as “For which purposes do you use they websites of the companies that you act as an agency?” and “What are your sources of reference for insurance product needs?”.

We’ve received various feedbacks from the users in our interviews with opinions intended to further develop the product pages such as “I’m looking for various insurance companies yet I am unable to understand the reason for such price differences. They use the tiniest fonts for coverage limits. They are illegible and lead to confusion” or intended to make a difference such as “I usually abstain from filling out the form. Because I have no idea when they will call me. They sometimes do not call at all. And I’m not available even if they do call me”.

Visual design approach was determined as part of the concept which reflects the brand’s corporate identity and motto “Don’t’ worry, Groupama is your insurance”.

Performance oriented integrity was achieved with UX and SEO text writing service.

About Gri Creative

Gri Creative is an integrated and awarded service agency based in Istanbul that designs the interaction between brands and people.

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