A Grenade Called ‘The Smell Of Data’ Will Help Prevent Data Leaks

Imagine a technology that saves all your databases with just giving off a metallic scent? It’ll be possible with the Smell of Data.

‘The Smell of Data is a new scent developed as an alert mechanism for a more instinctive internet.’ This is the official introduction for the device on their official website. What was created as Smell of Data is, a fragrance bottle that releases a metallic scent when a user encounters an unprotected website or Wi-Fi network on their device.

The product’s goal is to  prevent data security that can sometimes lead to privacy violation, behavior control and identity theft and aims to educate users about taking control of their data.

It also alerts Internet users in any case of data leak and warns about dangers by releasing a metallic scent when personal data is at risk.

Here’s the video of the project:


Data analyst Leanne Wijnsma and filmmaker Froukje Tanto have created the Smell of Data fragrance grenade.

The designers were inspired by the 1937 explosion in Texas, US, which was caused by an unnoticed leak of gas. They were working on the project since 2014 and received a grant from the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.

Wijnsma stated that they are also inspired by Edward Snowden’s project ‘whistleblower’, he continues:

After Snowden’s revelations a discussion about privacy started and awareness of possible risks was raised,

People started caring about their privacy a lot, but I was surprised that real action, no matter how simple, was hardly taken.

A project in which science, technology and design is combined, the Smell of Data is planning to launch for spring 2016.

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