Greenlight Raised Awareness of Raja’s Eco-Friendly Range through the “Swimming in Plastic” Campaign

Greenlight raised awareness of RAJA’s eco-friendly range by designing and executing a creative content campaign.

The Objectives

RAJA wanted to raise awareness of its eco-friendly product range while clarifying its stance on environmental issues. Greenlight was challenged with designing and executing a creative content campaign that would not only drive engagement for RAJA but also highlight the environmental impact of plastics in our oceans.

The Strategy

  • Greenlight created a microsite illustrating the shocking truth about plastics, with an interactive timeline showing how long it takes for plastic products to biodegrade vs eco-friendly products
  • Greenlight used parallax, high-impact photography, and a clean image aesthetic to create a powerful, engaging, and informative content piece using in-depth research
  • Greenlight used wireframes and prototyping tools to design an intuitive yet unique user journey to explore the content
  • The campaign was outreached to spark conversation at a time when new measures were being taken against plastics in the UK

The Results

  • The campaign achieved 26 pieces of coverage, five times higher than the target, spanning the likes of The Evening Standard,, and environmental publications such as
  • The RAJA ‘protective packaging’ category saw an uplift from 21% to 30% during the two months the campaign was running
  • The creativity of the campaign was acknowledged through an Awwwards Honorable Mention

About Greenlight

Greenlight is a global, multi-award-winning, digital and commerce agency, specialising in SEO and performance marketing.