Greenlight Implemented an App Installation Strategy for the ‘MYASICS Run Training’

Greenlight implemented a fully targeted app installation strategy for the ‘MYASICS Run Training’ app of Asics.

The Objectives

Greenlight sought to achieve the following core goals:

  • Deliver 13,000 installs at a cost-per-install of $5
  • Target multiple markets based on language set and behaviour
  • Generate account sign-ups post download

The Strategy

For four months, Greenlight ran display and paid social campaigns to not only make sure that the quality of users fitted the ideal persona but also to attribute budget towards the best performing creatives. Their aim was to maximize results in the time set.

Through daily analysis and optimization of the campaigns, Greenlight was able to tailor messaging and imagery based on location and gender, further improving the accuracy of targeting and keeping spending down. Greenlight used three paid social ad formats that demonstrated high engagement rates with the target audience to make sure they were getting the best possible results; Facebook Carousel Ads, Twitter App Cards, and Instagram advertising.

While display tends to see an incremental increase in engagement over time, paid social usually sees steady engagement throughout – so running the two in tandem would benefit brand awareness and uptake.

The Results

  • 22,127 app installs from paid social (70% overachievement) and 14,095 from display (8% above target)
  • 3% engagement rate through Facebook Carousel Ads, cost-per-install tallied in at half the budget
  • One account was created for every two downloads
  • 6% overachievement for Twitter app cards download targets
  • With display, Greenlight overachieved app install targets by 31%, 18% and 103% across France, Germany and Russia, with 2,320 accounts created post-download
  • Display encouraged clicks and installs over time, leading to 81% average loyalty index across markets

About Greenlight

Greenlight is a global, multi-award-winning, digital and commerce agency, specialising in SEO and performance marketing.