Greenlight Helped New Balance Increase Roas on Amazon Marketing Services

Greenlight helped New Balance increase ROAS by 19% on Amazon Marketing Services.

The Objectives

  • With a growing customer base on Amazon and an extensive range of products on-site, New Balance challenged them with establishing and developing its Amazon Marketing Services campaigns, both in the UK and internationally
  • A key focus as part of the activity was to ensure the campaigns adhered to best practices on the emerging advertising platform while driving continued performance improvements over the first quarter of activity

The Strategy

  • To maximize budget, Greenlight focused on New Balance’s key product lines when building out their initial campaign structure, which helped make sure that campaigns were gathering statistically significant data to inform optimization
  • Greenlight worked closely with the Amazon product team and used their shared insights around Amazon keyword trends and product performance to inform their campaign planning
  • Learnings from existing paid media channels were used to accelerate success on Amazon from the start, with keyword trends and performance from Google and Bing paid search activity has proven to be especially effective
  • Greenlight tested a range of different ad formats to determine which would perform better for New Balance as a brand

The Results

  • Over the first quarter, Greenlight saw an impressive 21% rise in revenue driven through Amazon Marketing Services campaigns
  • ROAS increased by 19%, driven by their campaign, bid, and product optimizations
  • Using the results from the first three months, Greenlight has devised strategy recommendations for the next quarter
  • A solid foundation is now in place from which to launch a more aggressive push on the platform going forward

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