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Graphic Designers Bring A Naturalistic Approach To Argentinean Banknotes

Graphic designers Gilda Martini and Gabriela Lubiano redesigned the Argentinean Pesos in style.

The banknotes were inspired by the diversity of the fauna and flora, meaning the plants and animal variations on the landscape. While illustrating the bills, on the resto(front) they put animals and on the verso(back), landscapes. It’s a brilliant idea to combine the two on a banknote!

The technical details of the bills are prefect and also innovative. An ultraviolet filter is put on the paper, plus when the note catches light, its possible to see microtexts. There is also a see-through register technique available and the designers used Sintony as a modern sans serif typeface. These details are inevitable for security, to avoid replication and fraud.

As a manifest of the concept for their currency design, Martini and Lubiano stated some information:

The design of paper money comes as an autonomous genre within field of Visual Communication. The designer acts as culture operator and works through the challenge of translating the identity of a country in response to its nation. As an issuer, the State intends to impregnate strongly a set of values in the imagination of their receptors through the use of certain signs.

The observation unit of this project is the redesign of the current system of Argentine banknotes in effect since 1997. We analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Linea Peso in order to present an enhancer proposal, both at a symbolic and at a functional level.

In order to represent the Republic through a timeless approach we emphasized biodiversity in the territory in contrast to the formation history of the State and its actors. Our ideological position moves away from personalization leading to awareness about a latent issue: the extinction of native species and destruction of their biomes.

As designers we also stand at the role of transmitters, thus facing two challenges. One of these is to build a new justified identity with renewed values, and after that, develop a graphical proposal accordingly, is to say, availing ourselves of symbolic representations that fit the stereotype of the money paper.







We bet that Argentinians would love to use this version of Pesos as a currency, and who can blame them!

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