Google’s Sprayscape App Offers An Insane VR Experience

Google’s experimental project called Sprayscape is a VR camera app for Android users that lets them take pictures in 360°.

Another technological innovation is aired by Google. This latest technological innovation comes from Android Experiments Convention, which is an online “celebration of the creative, ingenious, and surprising things developers are making with Android.”

The new app is called Sprayscape. The app has a gyroscopic camera which takes pictures in a 360° sphere. The usage is simple; users aim their camera and press the shutter button to capture the moment.

While moving the device, the app places the image in a virtual blank space, and does the same thing with the next image and this goes until the virtual area gets full. The result is a collage composed of all the photos taken.

To get a clear understanding of the apps function, check out the video below:

Users can express some personal creativity through the app. Spray faces, places, or anything else onto a canvas are the functionalities that lets users to create a collage of photos and start linking with everyone.

Sprayscape explains:

We call it VR-ish. When you use Sprayscape, you are taking photos on a 360-degree sphere. When you view a scape you’re looking around media oriented to 360 space,

Rather than getting crystal-clear virtual reality content, users can make fun collages out of their captures.

The app is currently on available for Android only, but the app will be launching for iOS soon.

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