Google’s Project Ara Phone As A Health Tracker

Google’s Project Ara is one of the company’s most ambitious projects. Also, it varies with design as a modular health tracker smartphone.

Google’s first crop of Project Ara modular smartphones won’t be available until later this year but people are already trying to figure out ways to use it differently than existing phones. It’s a modular phone, in which users could snap in new cameras, batteries, or processors as quickly as snapping together. Google has been focused primarily on just bringing Ara to reality, and creating a piece of open source hardware.

The speculative modules were created by Lapka, a company specializing in design-forward sensor-driven hardware. The company has met with Google and tested out the Ara phone.

Google's Ara Phone

Lapka’s creative director Vadik Marmeladov says,

Everything about Project Ara is five years ahead of the curve… well, except their design. I think the design should be a visual and cultural milestone as well.

Lapka’s take is to turn Project Ara device into a health tracker with seven concept modules that slot in the back. The concept comprises seven components in all: an air quality sensor, a CO2 monitor, a light sensor, an EKG node that measures heart activity, a glucometer for glucose tracking, a breathalyzer, and a “soul” module. With Lapka, a Project Ara device could become a mobile doctor’s office, a meteorology station, or a lab technician’s assistant.

Marmeladov says,

We think style is super important. It’s the only way people will use medical devices at their own will.

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