Google ‘Tilt Brush’ And Doctor Strange Partner In The Latest VR Experience

Google and Marvel’s collaboration on ‘Tilt Brush’ and Doctor Strange is a project that is clearly an epitome of perfection.

Looks like Hollywood is enthusiastic about virtual reality, just as we all are. Doctor Strange, the latest release from Marvel is now bringing Google’s Tilt Brush to bring 3D to reality.

While creative agency Denizen undertakes the project, the professional artists are using the brush to paint the landscapes of the movie, inspired by the Doctor who has mystic powers and can create fantastic effects. Denizen took the VR event to New York City, London and Hong Kong, which are all important locations in the film.

Videos are combinations of music and visual elements of Doctor Strange with original, psychedelic artistic imagery. Since the Doctor in the film -Benedict Cumberbatch- is capable of warping the surface of reality, this is an ideal way of enabling people to explore the reality of his powers first-hand.

Let’s watch the videos of the project here:

The artists of the project are Stuart Campbell, Steve Teeple and Danny Bittman. They’ve re-created scenes that look just like some of the film’s locations, in which buildings fold in and bizarre new dimensions are comprised.

Denizen Cofounder, Joe Matsushima, said in a statement,

We wanted everyday people to try it themselves and then film their authentic reactions as they walk through the virtual world. We wanted to convey the vast scope and awe-inspiring beauty of the dimensions within Doctor Strange while connecting to the theme that these dimensions are within our own reality.

Google Cardboard or similar headset users should make sure to watch the 360° videos via using the YouTube app. It’s the closest they can get to visiting the places of the movie scenes.

This fantastic partnership will definitely boost both the movie and the app’s popularity.

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