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Google Is Mapping The Data Of Polluted Air Via Google Earth

With the help of Google Maps, and Aclima, the street-level pollution data can be measured across California, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Mapping out the visualization of nitrogen-dioxide levels shows the streets with the most pollution from cars, trucks, construction equipment, refineries, and power plants.

Targetting to provide non-profit services, Google has undertaken another initiative that aims to create awareness of the significance of protecting the environment. Partnered with an envirotech firm that makes “sensors networking” called Aclima, Google intends to measure air pollution levels in Californian area and map out the evaluations on the Google Earth platform.

The partnership of the companies will release local air quality scan for the regions of the San Fransisco Bay Area, Central Valley, and Los Angeles. To collect data and information regarding this project, two Google Street View cars covered more than 100,000 miles over 4.000 hours.

The dataset is constructed to the street-level air-quality tests that Google, the Environmental Defense Fund, the University of Texas, and the envirotech giant Aclima conducted around Oakland, California, in April. The idea is for mobile sensors on cars to fill information which is missed by existing air-quality guards. According to Google, it’s now collected more than a billion datum.

As shown below, the collaboration resulted in an interactive map that reflects the most-savaged and polluted areas.

“At this early stage of our experimental project, our goal is to make this data as accessible as possible to help the scientific and academic communities. However, we may use some discretion as to its wide distribution to safeguard against misinterpretation of data analysis and interpretation,” Google notes on their application page.

Street View cars will now add air pollution sensors to measure the pollution density in the air in some of the US states, while the information will soon roll out to other countries of the world.

Google Earth Outreach Program Manager, Karin Tucen-Bettman, explained the project as below,

Scientists and air quality specialists can use this information to assist local organizations, governments, and regulators in identifying opportunities to achieve greater air quality improvements and solutions. The measurements indicate that traffic-choked freeways, traffic on local streets, and weather patterns that blow pollution inland all influence the patterns of air pollution.

Scientists doing research in air pollution can request access to all this data by filling out this form. [W]e hope this information helps us build smarter more sustainable cities, reduce climate changing greenhouse gases and improve air quality for healthier living.

The company says that so far it has registered over one billion air quality data points, but promises this is merely “the beginning.”

The Mountain View heavyweight conducted a similar experiment earlier this year in Oakland, where the company partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund and the University of Texas at Austin to identify areas with elevated levels of pollution.

The project team has discovered that in the air pollution was trapped between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the coast in the Central Valley. Accordingly, it has created particulate-matter levels and chronic ozone that threatens public health standards.

At present, Google allows individual scientists to access the  Google Maps air-quality data. Additionally, the release coincides with this week’s COP23 UN Climate Change Conference that’ll take place in Bonn, Germany.

This is a very big step taken to improve the atmospheric pollution, because, a brand like Google will act as a far-reaching ambassador for different communities.

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