Google Lets Public Figures Post Directly To Search Results

Google has started testing an entirely new format for search results, which could eventually allow businesses or public figures to post directly to search results.

We can already see how the tool works, by googling one of US presidential candidates + issue of interest (for example immigration, abortion, guns, foreign policy, taxes, health care). Here is what happens when you google “hillary clinton immigration”:


Next to the post about the immigration, there are also her quotes from different media sources about the subject. So now everyone has an easy access to learn about the candidate’s opinion on the issue of interest.

Google is extending the feature to the commercial realm and offering it to a selection of small businesses.

Companies, which are taking part in the invite-only test, will have their “business cards” displayed in a Twitter-like feed. That’s how it looks like:


Google is calling the tool “an experimental new podium on Google” and mentions that they’re planning to make it available to other prominent figures and organizations in the future.

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