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Google Is Now Testing A New App For Hyperlocal News Stories – Google Bulletin

Google Bulletin is a brand-new app, allows anyone to share news from local community via their smartphones.

As it’s described on the Bulletin’s website, the app makes it effortless to put a spotlight on inspiring stories that aren’t being told. Using the app, you can contribute to local stories and be the voice of your community!

In the new app, people do not need a setup like a website in order to post news. Only thing that people would need to do is creating a Google Account.

After they create the account, they can share images, videos and texts directly via the app and stories posted in the feed can be accessible by public in Google Search. Moreover, anyone can share those news via social networks, email and messages.

James Morehead, product manager at Google, said:

Creating a website, creating a blog is a pretty high bar for a lot of people. So a team of designers at Google asked the following,

What if it was effortless to capture these stories publicly from our smartphones? What if it was possible to publish them instantly to the web without having to do any setup? And what if it was accessible to anyone in our community.

So, not just the people we know—there are excellent tools for connecting content to people we know. But connecting content to people we know and to people we don’t know but who share a particular interest. That’s what we’re trying to do with Bulletin.


Bulletin now is a pilot project and is only available in Nashville, Tennessee and Oakland, California. Users who are keen to try this newly launched app can sign up for early access for the project.

There will surely be more details to tell and we will be updating you as Google share in the upcoming weeks.

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