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Google Fortunetelling Will Surprise You In An Unexpected Way

We all wonder very much about our future and in some cases, we think fortunetellers will be the answer. Google used this idea in their new social awareness project.

Titled ‘Google Fortunetelling’, the project is a beta version of the company’s website that aired last week. It’s a fake Google that pretends to predict your future by answering users’ questions.

Netherlands-based creative communications agency BrainMedia confirmed they are behind the site, which links to the donations page of the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

It works very easily: After clicking on the new tool, users are taken to a page that looks like Google’s search page aka. homepage.

Users are then expected to type their question about the future into the bar. Several suggestions such as “Is there a place where I can give my children a safe future?” or “Will humans ever stop fighting war?” pop up.


Once the user click enter, a new webpage pops up and says “Of course we can’t predict your future!” Next to the pop up is the image of a crystal ball that shows the numbers of refugees forced to flee their home during your time onsite:


The main purpose of the project is of course, to raise more awareness of the refugee crisis and get attention of the users who were interested in their own future. The site further suggests the users to check local NGOs and charities focused on refugees.

Jort Boot, Owner of BrainMedia said,

The campaign is very successful worldwide right now; it’s amazing. We are very happy that people care about this problem and are sharing it and creating awareness around the world.

Who would have thought that Google would trick us all on behalf of a social awareness project? A clever attempt! 

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