Google’s First Podcast Series Is Called ‘City Soundtracks’

Google launched its first regional audio podcast, ‘City Soundtracks’ last week by Google Play Music.

Since we are sharing a global world, we want to explore all the cities as fast as possible. So Google’s streaming service Google Play Music offers listeners a guide like music-and-travel show.

While exploring the secret stories behind the city’s signature sounds, each episode is featuring one artist in one city. Google lets their users to hear their favorite musicians talk about important people, places, and moments in their lives, and how their hometown roots have influenced them.

The first episodes of City Soundtracks are available now in the US and Canada. The chats feature Kehlani, Big Freedia, and Spoon, who will discuss the cities of Oakland, New Orleans, and Austin. Plus, all 3 episodes are free.

Here’s the official trailer of the City Soundtracks:

Each episode is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway (from the Song Exploder and West Wing Weekly podcasts). He invites musicians to take listeners on a tour of their hometown. Episodes follow playlists curated by the featured guest for the listeners to discover new songs or enjoy some of the music they already love.

This is a unique project that includes popular elements like music and urban sounds and also lets people promote themselves in the well-developed platform.

You can download the City Soundtracks Podcast from either Google Play Music, or iTunes Store.

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