Google Expeditions Program Wants To Introduce VR To British Schoolchildren

Google announced a plan to bring virtual reality technology and training to a million UK schoolchildren and thousands of teachers.

2016 is truly considered as the virtual year of the world and undoubtedly, Google makes an effort to help by spreading it more. It is officially reported that by the end of the next school year, British children will get closer to VR with Google Expeditions.

The Pioneer Program is available to any UK school, free of charge. The team intends to visit schools in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle and Iverness in the upcoming months.

Let’s watch the Google Expeditions video for the UK pupils:

In the video, a story is narrated by Ty, an 11 year-old British schoolchild who wants to be a deep-sea diver when he grows up. One day, Ty goes to school and his teacher says that the class will be exploring the world’s oceans.

Students in the classroom all wear their Google Cardboard glasses and start to discover the underwater world.

Google’s Chief Executive, Sundar Pichai, says,

Virtual reality can spark students’ imagination and help them learn about topics like how blood flows through the human body or the impact climate change is having on the Great Barrier Reef.

We’ve already received feedback from thousands of teachers in the UK and they believe that Expeditions can improve literacy and writing skills, and help create excitement to complement traditional teaching methods.

This project aims to inspire young children to discover what their future interests might be.

Google Expeditions Program proves technology is a key to expanding children’s imagination.

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