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Google Duo Is The App That Will Take Down FaceTime

Wondering if FaceTime will be a memory in a short while? Because Google Duo is simpler and basic.

Google Duo was released this Monday and was announced on Google’s official blog.

The features are so simple that there’s not even a rule to use the app. Tapping on your face reverses the position with your partner, so that your face becomes the full-screened one. This feature especially is for the selfie-addicts, who prefer seeing themselves over others.


A special feature called Knock Knock is also available in Android. When receiving a call from the app, the entire screen starts to show the video from your caller before you even answer.

Google’s communications division Nick Fox says about Knock Knock is,

You start with a smile because you know it already works.

Fox also mentioned that they thought could build the best video calling app by focusing only on video.

Not just created for Android, the best advantage for Duo is its availability on both platforms. Most people will think this is where FaceTime loses, because of its Apple-only unique service. Google Duo app is mobile-friendly and enables cross-platform calls with using phone numbers.

The company states that users don’t need to wonder about whether someone’s phone is compatible or has an account before taking mileage from the service.

Google Duo is available for download at the Apple Store and at Google Play.

So like they said, let’s see what Duo can do, then. Tell us what you think below!

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