Gitti – A Better Beauty Brand

Creating a holistic brand experience grounded in diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity.

Berlin-based conscious beauty brand gitti was in need of a partner who could help make their vision of a new, more inclusive beauty industry a reality. In close collaboration with gitti’s product team, Studios developed their brand strategy, and designed their new brand identity and online shop, resulting in a holistic brand experience grounded in diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity.


They approached this project as a conversation. As a brand, gitti has a clear goal: to define a new, more relatable standard of beauty for their industry. At each step of this process, they helped gitti ensure that its branding strategy was in harmony with this goal.

By creating a safe space for open collaboration, they helped gitti find a mutually agreed upon focus point for their brand that felt true to the diverse and supportive community they have built.


The result: A bold, playful, inclusive brand identity and easy-to-use eCommerce experience capturing gitti’s aspirational vision and personality. With their distinctive art direction, they provided gitti with updated brand guidelines and a sophisticated, functional visual design language for their online shop, to help bring their brand to life.

A brand strategy from scratch

Without a clear strategy of their own, gitti was struggling to find a brand focus that everybody agreed on. Through a series of workshops with their team, they made sure that everyone’s voices and ideas were heard – leading to a refined, cohesive result.

Authentic & empowering Studios introduced a distinct and authentic art direction for their product imagery and campaigns, reifying gitti’s empowering, inclusive, and positive brand image.

A holistic brand experience

Reimagining their existing brand identity, they established unified new brand guidelines to guarantee that gitti’s visual language remains lively and consistent throughout – helping to boost brand recognition.

Better buying

Supported by their brand team, they leveraged a sophisticated visual design language, combined with bold photography, into an inspirational online shopping experience, which blends aspirational content with e-commerce.

Personalised purchases

They introduced an easy-to-use configurator, allowing customers to combine their favorite colors into a personalized nail polish set.

Outcome/ Impact

From the beginning, their goal was to help gitti boost brand recognition by emphasizing its diversity of people and products.

In the end, they also supplied gitti with the tools to translate their brand mission and core values into a unique and consistent brand story across all channels.

Through this authentic visual language, gitti is one step closer to making their vision of a new, more inclusive beauty industry a reality.

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