GIGA – The World’s Biggest Selfie Service

A unique way of promoting tourism in Australia by using the current, rampaging selfie fever! 

The worst thing about selfies? When it becomes impossible to fit the background and see past your own frowning face, falling smack in the middle.

Tourism Australia, has recently come up with a clever, “supersized selfie” service that miraculously eliminates this problem. And thankfully its one that doesn’t involve selfie sticks.

Presenting: Giga Selfie – the world’s largest selfie service.

An app with platforms set all over stunning, touristy locations in Australia to capture the biggest selfies in the world.

The Giga app triggers high definition cameras, placed around a 100 meters away from these platforms to give you a self-centered (where you are very much in the center) selfie, while also capturing the surrounding beauty of Australia. Feel free to zoom in and out to your hearts content, from the macro-wonder to the micro-joy of your own smiling face.

The massive selfie also gets automatically sent to your phone in the form of short-video clip that zooms out of your face to expose the gorgeous scenery around.

You can crop, resize, re-center, filter and happily share your perfect Australian selfie, complete with a stunning background with all your social friends!

Have a look at the video for the works:

This unique project is actually a part of a larger campaign designed to lure in young, tech-savvy Japanese to Australia.

According to TA’s Managing Director, John O’Sullivan, Japan was the sixth-largest market for Australian tourism in 2014, with more than 320,000 Japanese citizens taking trips Down Under.

Here’s an app that promises to satiate even the most inflated of egos. There’s one catch: To use the service, you have to be in Australia!

Do we hear travel plans? But first, let’s take a selfie…

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