Generating over a Million Page Views for Gap with an Influencer-Led Content Campaign

Greenlight generated over a million page views for Gap with an influencer-led content campaign in partnership with Who What Wear.

The Objectives

  • Gap wanted to raise awareness of its new season products amongst a broad, culturally curious audience across Europe
  • It wanted to invite people to relearn the definition of a Gap staple – the Khaki – while demonstrating its overall product versatility to make Gap an appealing destination for contemporary and creative style
  • Greenlight had to find a way to make Gap stand out in a saturated online market with brands shifting their focus to digital due to lockdown and the absence of a bustling high street
  • Ordinarily, Greenlight would have looked to drive traffic to Gap stores but due to the national lockdown, their goal was to drive traffic through to the Gap website whilst building their online presence

The Strategy

  • Greenlight partnered with Who What Wear to run 10 influencer-led content pieces across 10 months, from June 2020 to March 2021
  • With their own unique style, each influencer put together at least three different looks with a selection of Gap’s latest drop products
  • To ensure maximum impact for the campaign, Greenlight had a 30k-100k following threshold for each influencer
  • A narrative around these looks was written up and published on the Who What Wear website, with each of the products linked to driving traffic through to the Gap website
  • The editorial piece was supported with dark social posts across Facebook and Instagram promoting the story, as well as newsletter announcements from both Gap and Who What Wear
  • Greenlight served display banners to roadblock the article which added another cue to drive people to the site as well as guaranteeing Gap was the only featured brand on the page. The banners changed with each season to reflect the latest Gap initiatives and product drops
  • The Who What Wear partnership pieces were run alongside their usual seasonal campaign activity for Gap as part of a wider strategy to support its always-on brand activity. Greenlight was able to tag up this activity to measure its impact across the full funnel

The Results

  • The Who What Wear articles generated 1,142,000 page views and over 12,000 clicks driving people through to product-specific landing page
  • The average click-through rate for product links from each article was 0.94% with one article peaking an incredibly strong 1.45%
  • Across all influencers, the average engagement rate for in-feed posts was over 3%
  • 70% of conversions driven from Who What Wear’s 2020 activity were incremental to those driven by Gap’s usual performance activity
  • Who What Wear conversions had the highest average order value of all their activity

About Emote Digital

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