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Game Of Agencies – The Game Of Thrones Parody For Advertising Professionals

Internet sensation and everyone’s favorite TV show, Game Of Thrones, gets its own advertising agency parody.

Indian digital agency, Chimp&z makes brilliant illustrations of Game of Thrones characters set in an advertising agency.

With trademark quotes and hilarious graphics, these illustrations are the perfect crossover between Game of Thrones & Mad Men!

Without further ado, presenting, Game of Agencies:

1. Jon Snow – HR Extraordinaire

Very loveable but highly clueless Jon Snow, with his peace-making and unity-seeking actions, would fit right in at HR!

jon snow hr

2. Cersei Lannister – Fearless Creative Director

Powerful and strong Cersei is always looking out for her team. For her, it’s all about getting the job done, not to mention sleeping with the brother, alcohol abuse and anger management issues all go hand-in-hand. But that’s just GoT. Or so we hope.

Cersei creative Director

3. Greyworm – All-seeing Art Director

Lethal with a spear and sword, Greyworm with his loyalty, strength and determination keeps a check on his team round-the-clock, and is an ideal as an Art Director.

Grey worm art director

4. The Unsullied – Talented Bunch Of Designers

This mob of talent, skilled in the battlefield, masters of their art but allegiances of their heart to their leader doesn’t always result in the most favorable outcomes for themselves.

The unsullied designers

5. Tyrion Lannister – Creative Copywriter

The most hated, the most loved, the master thinkers, the witty writers, the wine drinkers, the all-knowers – inside every copywriter lives a little of Tyrion Lannister.

Tyrion Lannister Copywriter

6. Mace Tyrell – Resourceful Media

The financial decision makers, the most resourceful in all of Westeros, the Tyrells embody media.

Mace Tyrell Media Manager

7. Petyr Baelish – Skilled Strategist

With an unparalleled IQ, this team is on the top of every game, making everything work for themselves. On a side note, let’s hope your strategists don’t get ironically killed at the very end.

Petry strategist

8. Varys – Badass Client Service

The passer of information, the ones with a backup plan – be warned they may have a pal in another firm, plotting to overthrow yours.

varys client service

9. Three-Eyed Raven – SEO specialist

The all-seeing, three-eyed raven, goes around spreading information across the web, making it easier for people to find it!

Three eyed raven seo specialist

10. Ramsay – Heartless Client No. 1

There’s no making this one satisfied without blood-spill, sweat, tears and terror.

Ramsay client

11. Melisandre – Fiery client No. 2

The pyromaniac, or the fireball – this trigger happy client burns themselves or burns things.

Melissandre client

12. Sam – The Intern

Enough said.

Samwell Tarly Intern

Which character would you be in Game Of Thrones?

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