Future-Proof Web Solutions for the Varde Museums

The Varde museums had their individual sites all placed on a single multisite which in essence meant that each museum only had a single subpage.

This limited the communication and development opportunities for the individual museum as the information had to be limited to a longer subpage with poor navigation.

Furthermore, the old solution also limited the possibility of using digital marketing channels to attract visitors through SEO for instance.

The Plan

First and foremost, the plan was to split the museums into separate websites with Tirpitz and Flugt being the first.

During the analysis phase emphasis was placed on 2 things in particular. Firstly, the focus was on making sure that the visual common thread on the websites matched the experiences of the museums by, for instance, having specific picture cutouts match the visualization of parts of the exhibitions.

Secondly, the link between the various museums remained an important factor. Thus, the various websites refer to each other in a meaningful way, for instance with information about how the visitors can achieve discounts by purchasing tickets to both museums.

The Result

The solutions are both characterized by design aesthetics in combination with well-thought-out and analyzed placements of web content to capture and inspire the website visitors to actually visit the museum.

Another very important part of the solution is the “engine room” behind these websites. They are built in a way that ensures that the employees at the Varde museums can maintain and update the content on the sites with ease.

Other than that, it was important to make sure that the web development was future-proofed both technically and commercially.

This means that Tirpitz and Flugt now have websites that will be technically up to date for many years to come. From a commercial point of view, the Varde museums are able to use the same technical structure, made for the two new sites, for the rest of their museums, and for any future additions.

All of the above was launched just in time for the opening of one of the museums. A key factor to make this happen was the close cooperation between the Varde museums and the Morningtrain.

Close communication and frequent collaboration meetings between the two project teams were crucial to getting the tasks done on time. In the project’s final phase, the priority was to provide training on the use of the new system, by Morningtrain to the Varde museums, to ensure that they were confident when working in it.

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