UX Design Process Best Practices

A brilliant 111-page guide on UX design process that covers UX design from A-Z!

Looking to master the art of UX design?

This ebook takes you through a step-by-step guide on the entire process of UX design, as well as all the best practices to move a design forward.

With each process detailed out, its application and importance are also shared in this guide.

Simplify your design process and documentation with this easy-to-read guide that uses real-life samples of the most useful UX documentation.


What’s in the ebook?

• The six-chapter ebook offers advice for:

• How to design better UX in 5 days with stripped-down design processes recommended by Google Ventures

• How to minimize busywork and deliverables for your preferred design process

• How to approach documentation as a collaborative exercise instead of paperwork to be handed off

• How to plan, gather requirements, research, design, and test UX with your team from start to finish

• Best practices for all UX processes and documentation: mockups, prototypes, wireframes, interviews, surveys, personas, user stories & scenarios, journey maps, usability reports, user flows, and more

Download the free ebook here.

Website Design Milestones & Timeline

Most successful website design projects are organised into a system of milestones and timeline, representing critical pieces of the project. Milestones are simple in concept, but they can be tricky to nail down.

As well as the design process, designers and clients should also have an understanding of the typical milestones and timeline for the design and development of a website.

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