Foxbox Digital Helped an Enterprise Healthcare Company Develop an AI Mobile Product

Foxbox Digital collaborated with a leading enterprise healthcare organization—as their mobile development partner—to launch an AI mobile telehealth app.

This sophisticated AI product allowed any consumer to easily access healthcare providers via real-time video and text chat, without ever physically going to a doctor’s office. This was more than just the impressive launch of a mobile telehealth app. It’s the foundation for Foxbox’s client to support the accelerating evolution to digital and virtual healthcare services.

On the launch date, both iOS and Android apps were available for download from their respective app stores. As of August 25, 2020, the telehealth app has been downloaded nearly 250,000 times, while hundreds of customers continue to utilize the application daily to diagnose symptoms, and seek guidance for their health conditions from a device that lives in their pockets.

Some of the core benefits of the mobile application include the ability to:

  • Identify possible conditions with the AI-based symptom checker
  • Chat in real-time over video and text with healthcare providers
  • Receive prescriptions at the customer’s pharmacy of choice
  • Pay via credit, debit, or via insurance provider, all within the app
  • Receive a COVID-19 assessment as well as a formal certification that the customer is ready to go back to work

Moving Purposely: Foxbox Operated as a Startup Within the Enterprise and Accelerated Delivery

They are always excited to work with partners looking to push the limits in terms of digital innovation. And when they had a chance to lead mobile development for a leading healthcare company that was operating as a startup within their enterprise organization, they jumped on the chance.

They developed and published the initial mobile solution in under six months, which enabled their client to get to market even faster than originally planned and respond to the growing pandemic in a significant way.

Foxbox’s responsibility was clear: Bring this technology to life in the easiest, most intuitive way possible. A successful launch will result in a single, powerful, life-changing application that is constantly learning.

Even with many complex moving parts, various integration partners, and a global, enterprise IT infrastructure, Foxbox accomplished their goal of creating a powerful, mobile app for their digital-first healthcare platform.

Better Healthcare Experiences Start With a Seamless Digital Experience

Together, with the partnership of Foxbox’s client’s robust global design, product, and integrated teams, they developed an easy-to-use, direct-to-consumer mobile telehealth solution. The digital agency continues to partner with them to evolve their telehealth product and drive better healthcare experiences.

About Foxbox Digital

Foxbox Digital is an award-winning full-service digital product agency, headquartered in Chicago. They move purposely to deliver innovative digital experiences.

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