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Fox Rent A Car: Establishing A Comprehensive Search Presence

Fox Rent A Car was founded by three immigrant entrepreneurs with a vision of revolutionizing the rental car industry. They began with a single location in Los Angeles International Airport. Today, they operate over 100 locations and are a mainstay in the rental car space.

A Comprehensive Digital Solution

By placing a strong emphasis on technology-enabled efficiencies and proactive price management, Fox Rent A Car has emerged as a viable competitor to household names like Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise.

The company was quick to recognize that in order to continue its rapid expansion, it’d need a competitive enough web presence to go head-to-head against these industry giants online — something far easier said than done.

To achieve this, Fox Rent A Car teamed up with  Kobe Digital to craft a comprehensive digital solution that leveraged both paid and organic channels, maximizing the company’s online reach.


The best campaigns don’t just reach as many people as possible — they reach as many of the right people as possible. We used a combination of meticulous keyword research and the latest innovations in programmatic ad buying to get in front of a highly qualified audience, improving conversion rates and maximizing campaign ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Kobe Digital worked closely alongside Fox Rent A Car’s web development team to ensure that their new site’s content and on-page technical elements were in line with established best practices and optimized for high-volume keywords with strong transactional intent.

Off-page signals were then optimized by curating a rich, diverse portfolio of high-quality backlinks to provide a secondary boost to search result rankings. The results were significant:

• 27 keywords rose to first-page rankings
• Organic search traffic increased by 55%
• Bounce rate fell by 38%

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Custom audiences were created to improve targeting, which had downstream effects on each stage of the website’s conversion funnel. Once the audience was defined, conversion rate optimization techniques were used to improve landing page experiences, which also contributed to higher conversion rates.

Implementation of display and remarketing campaigns achieved even more granular targeting towards the specific individuals within each custom audience most likely to complete a transaction.

• Average cost per click was reduced by 37%
• Conversion rates increased by 19%
• Total monthly savings amounted to $9,000

Programmatic Ad Buying

In addition to the organic and paid search strategies described above, Kobe Digital also helped Fox Rent A Car achieve even further reach by using real-time bidding technology to secure ad placements that would have been otherwise unattainable. These placements included relevant email newsletters, smartphone applications, and native web placements beyond the scope of through a traditional, search-driven strategy.

These placement opportunities were identified using contextual, behavioral, and lookalike targeting methods, then bid on using a proprietary, conversion-driven buying algorithm optimized in real time.


The result: ads that converted 26% more often and resulted in a 12% larger average transaction size than comparable display ads being served in the pay-per-click advertising campaign.


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