Forge & Spark Media Created a Content Strategy for the Cut Fashion Design Academy

Forge & Spark Media was invited into the wonderful world of The Cut Fashion Design Academy by its fearless leader, Liza Deyrmenjian, kicking off their work by taking on social media management, and—as they learned the ropes—refreshing the brand’s overall content marketing strategy.

Forge & Spark Media worked with the team to craft brand stories and key messaging to tell with content, which then acted as a guide for blog, newsletter, and social media content. Ultimately Forge & Spark Media created an actionable content marketing plan and a story-led editorial calendar plan designed to inspire and engage with The Cut’s current and prospective fashion students.

The Work

Discovery sessions with The Cut enabled them to determine goals, target audience, pillar stories, voice and tone, and mission for the brand’s content strategy. Forge & Spark Media extracted the key messages that needed to be told on each channel, and created a story calendar that reflected the why what, and how: the key story being told, the content used to tell that story, and the channel the story would be distributed on.


The Outcome

In three months, Forge & Spark Media published over 50 pieces of original and curated content for The Cut to progress their targets for the blog, newsletter, and social media marketing strategy. Forge & Spark Media used the story calendar as a tool to guide their content decisions around key business goals, like filling up classes with eager young minds and establishing the academy as a fashion industry expert.

Why Forge & Spark Media Love ‘EM

The Cut Fashion Design Academy brings a personal, hands-on experience to fashion students with small class sizes and a wealth of industry knowledge. The academy instills confidence in young aspiring fashion designers and sets them up to succeed in an industry that can be a tough one to break into.

About Forge & Spark Media

Forge & Spark Media is a content marketing agency that provides the quality content that purpose-driven leaders need to reach, grow, and genuinely connect with their audiences. It’s story-driven content marketing for humans doing good work.


Content marketing works—but it’s tough for anyone organization to do without a partner. Telling the right stories strategically across channels at a premium level takes time, a great variety of skillsets, and the right tools and processes.