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Foolproof Acquires Creative Technology Agency Knit

The UX design agency Foolproof has acquired the personalisation and targeting technology specialist agency Knit in UK.

This acquisition positions both Foolproof and Knit at the forefront of multichannel experience design and their combined capabilities will allow the companies to create compelling digital and physical experiences in-home, out-of-home, in-store and in-branch.

Foolproof is an experience design specialist, using consumer insight and data to drive an evidence-based approach to the creative design of digital products and services.

The agency, Knit harnesses new technologies to create unique brand experiences, building solutions that bridge both digital and physical worlds, developing campaigns for brands such as Nissan, BMW, Lucozade, John Lewis, HP, Asda and Volvo. Knit undertakes research among consumers and then targets them with personalised messaging across multiple platforms.

Knit Foolproof

Peter Ballard, co-founder of Foolproof said;

The last decade has been about optimising digital and mobile platforms; the next ten years will be all about the marriage of digital and physical experiences. Adding Knit to the Foolproof group extends our service into this new world, where very few agencies currently have the skills and expertise to deliver genuinely multichannel and joined up experiences.

Nick Thompson, MD and Founder of Knit said;

The most-hyped technology is often a solution in search of a problem, stuck in R&D or experiential marketing silos, too far from senior business decision makers. Joining Foolproof gives us the platform from which we can help more brands understand how new technology can be deployed into the most important areas of their business, and in a way which is firmly rooted in genuine customer needs.

Nick Thompson, managing director of Knit, will continue to run the agency under its own name on a day-to-day basis, as well as becoming creative technology director at Foolproof. The combined Foolproof and Knit business will be over 100 people with an expected turnover of £10m in 2015.

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