Flip-Disc Allows Its Users To Create Awesome Kinetic Displays

Tired of Neons or LED displays? Very popular and new display alternative is out now and is called Flip-Disc, which is made of moving-kinetic pixels. 

The Flip-Disc Display System, which is a modular displaying system that can be customized by movements, is the latest innovation from the New York interactive agency, Breakfast.

The ‘Flip-Disc technology is made up of thousands of small plastics which have two sides an each side has a different color. When the discs flip, color of the screen changes. 30 frames can be moved per second.

Flip-Disc Display System by The Breakfast measures 17 x 17 inches and sports a 28 x 28 grid of mechanical discs and comes with four standard color opinions; black/white, black-red, black-yellow and black-orange, with special available finishes in silver, gold, high-gold and metallic. It also comes with a controller app and a 3D camera can be added to create video, text or illustrations.

Let’s watch the impressive video:


As seen above, the kinetic-movement technology allows the discs to flip easily, and the size of the screen is up to the user since it’s flexible: the modular panels can be arranged to a rectangular display and the user can adjust to build the size of the screen by adding panels.

Andrew Zolty, the Chief Creative Officer at Breakfast, says ,

People are naturally drawn to physical switches, dials, and displays, so we’ve focused our company on creating unique products that scratch that itch.

Initial orders have a 15-panel minimum, and they’ll land in the low six-figures. For those who want to take it to the next level, we’ve created a simple API that give developers full creative control over the screen and camera.

Flip-Disc’s can be pre-ordered from their website now and here’s the bonus: you can request a quote from here and make your own ready-to-use kinetic display.

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