Fishbowl Connected with Uplers to Increase the Online Presence of Their Brand

In 60 Days Uplers increased Fishbowl’s store visits by 19%.

Fishbowl was founded by Nathan Dalah and Nic Pestalozzi in 2016. The restaurant chain spreads all across Sydney to offer the finest quality Sashimi and freshly prepared salad varieties, along with delivering a memorable experience. Fishbowl connected with Uplers to increase the online presence of their brand.


Fishbowl got in touch with Uplers to increase their organic rankings on Google Maps, drive more store visits and online orders from Google.

Uplers’ Approach

Over a 2-month period, Uplers implemented the activities below:

  • Created a Google My Business Page for all Fishbowl restaurants.
  • Confirmed business information and details for all restaurants.
  • Made sure that Fishbowl’s Google My Business Page was updated with business details, descriptions and good images.
  • Created listing in over 60 local and restaurant directories in Australia. Implemented the tracking code to track the number of “get directions”; “views”; “traffic to the website”; “phone calls” and online orders”.
  • Deployed the Schema mark-up codes to help Google display the listed information clearly to the viewers.
  • Generated monthly reports to show the performance, although Google My Business shows the data live on a daily basis.



Number One Ranking For – “salad delivery surry hills”


Natha Dalah founder of Fishbowl said:

The staff were extremely friendly and proactive when it came to my business. I totally recommend.

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