FINN – A Sustainable Car Subscription Service

Positioning a car subscription service as a green leader.

FINN, an emerging green leader in car subscription services, partnered with Studio’s studio to revamp its brand’s visual identity and eCommerce experience.

Munich-based start-up FINN was looking for a partner with branding and e-commerce expertise to help to position itself as a green leader in subscription car services.

By revamping their brand’s visual identity and customer journey, Studios brought FINN one step closer to their brand promise: making reliable, sustainable mobility solutions accessible to all.


They began this project by learning as much as possible both about the client’s vision and the landscape of this new and exciting service. Through quantitative research and a series of workshops with FINN’s team, they pieced together a nuanced understanding of what exactly their subscribers were after – and how best to package it.


From this solid strategic position, they infused FINN’s entire messaging and branding architecture with aspirational energy. They created a modern, sleek, and trustworthy identity by introducing a new logo, color palette, and type treatment.

Through their deep expertise in e-commerce, they also developed a cutting-edge booking process, allowing the user to lease the perfect car in under five minutes.

A trust-worthy brand image

Bringing together the brand’s core values of reliability, simplicity, and sustainability, they developed a confident brand story for the client and their product.

A cohesive brand system

They ideated and executed a new brand system for the client, inclusive of core definitions as well as basic brand identity and application guidelines, to assist with consistent, clear communication across all consumer touchpoints

A customized user journey

They developed a unique user journey for the client’s new website: a custom booking process that helps users find the perfect car for their needs and preferences, in just a few short minutes.

Outcome/ Impact

Since its brand refresh, FINN has raised over $500 million in funding – establishing them as a sustainable leader and one of the top car subscription companies.

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