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Fiasco Design Creates Key Visuals For New Moleskine App

Fiasco Design creates a number of key visuals to help communicate the launch of the new Moleskine app.

With the Moleskine Smart Notebook; Creative Cloud Connected and the companion app, hand-drawn sketches are turned into fully workable digital files from anywhere in just a few simple steps.

Moleskine notebook for sketching also allows you to easily convert your drawings into digital form, so you can work on them further in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Fiasco Design was tasked in creating several visuals for the product. The graphic design brief was to create two key images – one explanatory, one conceptual – which Moleskine could use as part of their marketing campaign for the launch of the new app.

Co-founder of Fiasco Design, Ben Steers explains,

We created two seperate scenes for the two images. The explanatory image used real world objects, including a variety of Moleskine products. For the conceptual image we created a series of paper elements of tools you’d find in a creative workspace. Using hand-rendered type for both, the images are as inspiring as the app itself.

Zosia Swidlicka, Communications Specialist at Moleskine, says,

Our partnership with Adobe was a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with our core fans in the creative professions like never before. It was crucial to have strong visual assets that spoke to this unique audience, and Fiasco Design did a wonderful job of ensuring our message came through beautifully. The team was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to embarking on new journeys together in the future.

These images created by Fiasco Design are as inspiring as the new Moleskine app.








You may download the free Moleskine app for iPhone here.

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