Fbox Counter Device Displays Facebook Likes In Real Life

Fbox is a physical counter device that enables businesses to show off their social media following in real time.

Fbox is a physical device designed for businesses, which visualizes Facebook ‘likes’ in real time. It displays a continuous count of Facebook ‘likes’ in real time so passers-by can appreciate how many others are fans of your business. When they perform a ‘like’ on their mobile device, the counter updates automatically offering them an engaging real-time interaction. The counter can be displayed in locations where it is most visible to the target audience, such as a shop window or reception area.

The counter also provides a free Wi-Fi service to allow further interaction between business and consumer. Logged in users’ information can be accessed and used to create and deliver highly focused well-targeted sales messages or other information. Fbox reinforces consumer confidence by determining through the ‘like’ count that your products are a popular choice. People respond with an increased readiness to purchase when they see that many others liked particular products or services.

Fbox takes only a few minutes to set up before it can be used to display live feedback about the strength of a company’s social media following. Simply connect your Facebook account and plug in the Fbox. The Fbox package includes comprehensive technical support.

A free mobile app is provided with Fbox, which runs the counter, brings Wi-Fi to those nearby and can deliver offers to users as onscreen messages. A quick and easy selection process allows specific offers to be presented users who are initially prompted to connect with Facebook and become fans by ‘liking’ your Facebook page. This connection allows you to detect previous Facebook activity and match up relevant offers, which are then delivered to users’ mobile devices.

Fbox is currently raising funds on Indiegogo, where it is available to pre-order for 150 euros.

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