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Facebook’s AI Assistant, M, Makes Messenger Conversations Easier

Facebook wants you to use artificial intelligence to help you manage your daily life! The new improved AI assistant, M, makes suggestions based on your conversations.

Facebook’s AI assistant known as M, will now pop out from your chat window to suggest actions to support your conversation. Today, the company announced that the feature is rolling out to iOS and Android users. The feature is only running in the US for now, however, it will be available with a broader expansion around the globe in the coming months.

So the working principle is easy. Basically, M offers suggestions by popping into an open conversation to suggest content and capabilities to broaden the way people communicate and take care of their daily routine.

Suggestions from M will include the following actions:

Sharing your location:  If a user is trying to describe their location, M can suggest an option to share it during a conversation.

Sending stickers: Stickers are one of Messenger’s favorite feature, of course. M suggests fun stickers for your conversations like “Thank you” or “Bye-bye.”

Making plans: If the users are planning to meet, M helps coordinate a plan.

Getting a Ride: This is one of the most interesting features. If a user is talking about going somewhere, M suggests “Get A Ride” and shares an option of Uber or Lyft.

Paying or requesting money: M recognizes when people are discussing payments and gives them the option of easily sending or requesting money.

Starting a poll: If you have a hard time making decisions as a messenger group, this is for you. Assistant M lets you set a poll topic and vote in group conversations. This feature is available only in group conversations.

David Marcus, Facebook’s Head of Messaging Products, explains in an interview with Recode,

The system learns from the things you like to do and you don’t like to do. If you don’t use the things that are being suggested for a specific use case, gradually those things will go away.

At this rate, if M will run global, it’ll become our best friend on a short notice!

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