Facebook Released Its First-Ever Super Bowl Ad, ‘MoreTogether’ Promoted Rocky Balboa And The Groups Feature

Created with Wieden + Kennedy, Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock “rocked” the platform using the Groups feature.

Chris Rock, alongside Sylvester Stallone brought a big rocket to Facebook’s Big Game spot.
The platform’s first attempt into the Big Game promotes a feature that the company has yet to monetize: groups. Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock star in the Big Game installment of Facebook’s “More Together” campaign, which kicked off early last year with Wieden + Kennedy.

More Together intends to promote the connections and stories of people using the Facebook’s Groups feature, which has been a focus of the company and of CEO Mark Zuckerberg in particular, despite the fact that, aside from early tests, there are no ads within the groups experience on Facebook.





Stallone’s and Rock’s integration into Facebook’s Super Bowl spot, the common thread is rock—as in 14 groups related to rocks that will be featured during the Super Bowl spot, including Stallone’s iconic Rocky role. Hence, rocks are everywhere in the spot; rocks, rocket ships, Chris Rock and Rocky Balboa.

Antonio Lucio, CMO at Facebook, commented about the spot as,

Whatever you rock, there is a group for you.” “You’re going to see some outrageous names for groups. They’re all real.

Featured groups cover topics including rock music, rocking chairs, rocket ships, rock climbing, San Francisco’s Swim Around the Rock (Alcatraz) challenge and even Stonehenge. In addition to the Big Game spot, the campaign will incorporate digital takeovers all day on Super Bowl Sunday, including on the YouTube masthead, NFL.com, Hulu and Allrecipes.

Facebook’s Groups-featured campaign is intended to be more in front and more important, you can also take a look at our Best Facebook Agencies to Improve Your Brands for a well-planned strategy.

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