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Do We Really Need New Facebook Reactions?

After years of asking for alternative to the Like button, Facebook users got – not one – but five of them! And, there is no “dislike” button.

Now you can respond to your friend’s status with love, anger, laughter, surprise and sadness. To do so, just hover over the Like button and reaction images will appear.

Check this cute video which makes fun of Facebook reactions:

It sounds like a good idea for brand pages – they may receive a significant update from their audience. Now the admins can have better understanding of their customers and adjust the fanpage content for them.

But do regular Facebook users need it? Wouldn’t a dislike button be better? 

This Travolta gif may be an appropriate answer:

confused travolta

It seems like the response from users who got reactions before everybody else has been positive that Facebook has decided to rollout this feature for everybody.

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