Facebook Builds The Foundation For Future VR Experiences

Facebook announced new advances in their efforts to build the future of virtual reality.

First news is related to Gear VR, mobile virtual reality device developed by Samsung and Oculus. They are taking an important step towards improving 360 video in VR.

Here is a quote on Facebook newsroom about Gear VR;

Our powerful dynamic streaming technology for 360 video is coming to Gear VR. It’s a more efficient way of delivering 360 videos, showing only the pixels you’re actually looking at in the highest quality, instead of delivering the entire 360 video in high resolution.

This method results in a 4x higher-resolution, so videos look clearer and play faster.

Facebook reveals that;

Millions of people watch 360 videos on Facebook every day. More than 20,000 have been uploaded, with hundreds more added daily. And we’ve only just begun to explore the possibilities with this format.


This success opened new doors for the social network. Facebook decided to build a social VR team to focus only on the future of social interaction in VR.

We’ve already helped people connect in a wide variety of ways on mobile devices and now we want to apply that same approach to the new medium of VR. In the future, VR will enable even more types of connection — like the ability for friends who live in different parts of the world to spend time together and feel like they’re really there with each other.

It seems like Facebook will take virtual reality to a whole new level.

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