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Facebook Embraces E-Commerce With A Shopping Section & “Canvas” Ads For Retailers

Facebook expands into direct e-commerce – connecting people to their favorite brands & offering retailers ads on its mobile app! 

Forget your go-online shopping website, or that trip to target, you can buy that gorgeous new Channel bag or those lovely Jimmy Choos while you are on Facebook!

The social network previously tested a “Buy Now” button for articles in its News Feed; now Facebook tests a new tab for its mobile app, which adds a feed dedicated to shopping.

A new shopping feature in Favorites

The shopping feed will be available to users as a new fourth tab titled “Shopping” in the “More” section of the Facebook mobile app. This tab is designed to be “a single place for people to more easily discover, share and purchase products,” according to a company blog posted Monday.

Gathering products listed in the shop sections of various brands’ Facebook pages, the feed offers viewers a fast-loading full screen catalogue of items to buy while within the app. It will also include a search bar and trending fashion looks of the season, e.g. “List of Fall Looks”.

shopping feed facebook

With users being able to make purchases in the simplest of ways, without visiting the brand websites; a one-click shopping experience such as this is sure to be popular.

The new feature is a response to consumer demand, where nearly 50% users visiting Facebook to look for products, according to a survey by Facebook. It is currently on testing with a select number of small businesses in the United States.

Introducing Canvas – Immersive new ads for the retailers

Facebook is also testing an immersive ad unit called “Canvas”, which will show full screen snippets of advertisers’ websites on the news feed. One click will direct the users to a variety of buyable products, again without visiting the website to save consumers loading time before they make the purchase.

facebook canvas ads

This could mean quite a handful of ad dollars made with retailers who want to advertise on Facebook using Canvas.

With YouTube allowing shopping ads, Twitter offering e-commerce options to US retailers and Pinterest revamping its “Buy” options – there’s no limit to how far the e-commerce fad will travel with the social networks happily embracing it.

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