F8 2017

Organization:Facebook for Developers

Location:San Jose

When:18/04/2017 – 19/04/2017

This prestigious event is for all developers and businesses that want to learn more about the Facebook family of apps and services.

F8 2017 has over 50 sessions and interactive experiences where people can learn about Facebook’s latest products and how to integrate and get value from Facebook platform at different stages of their business.

This is also the opportunity to hear directly from Mark and Facebook’s leadership on their vision for Facebook, the developer community and beyond.

Here is a list of the main topics:

  • Ads & Monetization
  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Facebook Platform
  • Media & Publıshers
  • Virtual Reality
  • Instagram, Whatsapp and more

Check out this video to find out more about the F8:

What you’ll discover at F8:

  • Choose from over 50 sessions
  • Social VR and Oculus
  • Meet with Facebook product experts
  • Tour the innovation lab and more.

F8 2017 is bigger than ever- with more than 50 sessions, interactive experiences, and the opportunity to meet one-on-one with members of the Facebook team.

At this 2-day event, where developers and businesses come together to explore the future of technology.

You can register here to attend the conference or view F8 live online.

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