Experience Japan As A Cat Would!

Clearly the bird’s eye-view is a thing of past; a prefecture in Japan introduces an interactive map from a feline’s eye-view to promote tourism. 

Are you feeling particularly catty today? Do I hear a meow?

If the answer to both those questions is yes, we’ve got good news for you!

Created as a tourism promotion, Hiroshima launches an online Cat Street View, showing off the city Onomichi, from a furry, feline perspective, thus, making you feel like a virtual cat. The city famous for its beautiful temples, is also apparently a nexus of cats – with cat-centric wonders such as “cat alley,” and a museum of waving maneki-neko cat dolls, making it the perfect location for the world’s first “cat-eyed-view” technology – irrespective of whether or not we need such inventions.

Cat Street View is all about exploring the local scene as you would if you were a cat (no whiskers or tails required), providing a 360 degree view similar to Google maps, through fluffy paws and cat’s eyes. It also introduces you to some resident, superstar cat figures (sadly, in Japanese) and highlights shops, views and sights in the vicinity – specifically, areas that would arouse interest among cats. Naturally!

Your get-to-know guide of Onomichi kitty-friendly establishments, the interactive map takes you through various buildings, streets and spaces all on four paws, from a foot above a ground. There’s meow-tag marks to direct you to the nearest cat buddy, and just in case there was any chance of forgetting that you’re now in cat world, with each mouse click you are rewarded with a loud meow.

Cat Eye View

A Hiroshima tourism official said of the map’s bizarre inspiration:

We were seeking to introduce a different way to look at our cities and offer a view of the streets that wasn’t available before.

cat street view

It’s now safe to say, the Japanese are a just a tad bit feline-obsessed!

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