Eventcombo to Host The Founder of Digital Ethos at Eventicon 2021

On June 24th, Eventcombo is launching Eventicon 2021 – The Comeback, where thought leaders, CEOs, CMOs, and business founders, as well as leading professionals in event management, event production, and digital tech companies, will come together to discuss the future of events.

Saroosh Gull, CEO of Eventcombo said:

This power-packed series of events will bring together thought leaders to discuss and ideate the changing future of events and the impact of these changes on different industries, businesses, and the world.

Experts will be strategizing, discussing on-point plans, and proposing solutions to tackle new challenges while stepping up the tech game for events as the new normal post COVID.

Our speakers are people who have expanded their horizons and bridged the divide by setting the standard for an industry that thrives on innovation.

In the last year, months of innovation have expedited our progress by years. How this will shape our industry is something no single person or entity has yet answered.

Founded in 2015, Eventcombo is a robust and comprehensive event management tool that brings together event technology with event and attendee management on a single platform for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.

Some of the speakers at the event include Jason Peskin, VP, Events & Corporate Development from Informa Markets, Manisha Sajnani, Digital Marketing Leader and Strategist from Abbott Laboratories, Ashton Pike from BizBash and, Samiran Ghosh, who is a Forbes Tech Council Member and TEDx Speaker, Renji Bijoy, founder of Immersed, Luke Tobin Founder of award-winning digital marketing agency Digital Ethos and many more disruptors and visionaries with intrinsic talent for evolving with challenges.

Saroosh continues:

I am confident the combined experience and enhanced collaboration created by Eventicon 2021 – The Comeback will be an inflection point for the event industry, serving as a catalyst for its next stages.

The planned sessions for Eventicon 2021 – The Comeback, feature power-packed segments with experts strategizing, discussing plans, and proposing solutions to tackle new challenges while stepping up the tech game for events in the new normal, post-COVID. The ideas from the event will spark a fire for competition and motivate the industry to move forward as it becomes bigger and better than ever.

  • Where: Fireworks™ by Eventcombo Virtual Platform
  • When: June 24th and 25th 12p-4p EST
  • Admission: Free

About Eventcombo

  • Eventcombo, founded in 2015, is a shift-left #SinglePlatform event technology, event management, and attendee management platform for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.
  • Eventcombo is a robust and comprehensive event management tool that runs based on an unlimited model, offering unlimited attendees, hosts, features, integrations, as well as support, and training.
  • Eventcombo is a #SinglePlatform with a suite of software solutions for event marketing, registration, and the event marketplace (Uber, Lyft, ParkWhiz, Hotels), which gives direct access to an event’s entire ecosystem in one transaction.
  • In 2020 Eventcombo created its own virtual platform in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fireworks™ by Eventcombo.
  • Eventcombo is working with award-winning digital marketing agency Digital Ethos.

About Saroosh Gull

  • Saroosh’s career dates back to the early 2000s during the dot-com bust. He began his career at Bluestone Capital within the banking domain, servicing Wall Street trading firms.
  • Saroosh has enjoyed key product roles for JPMC’s Quickpay (now Zelle), and Pfizer’s Infrastructure-on-Demand build-out. Saroosh is driven by innovation and has had the opportunity to pioneer the functional development of multi-billion-dollar products.
  • Saroosh is passionate about access and opportunity due to his roots, having been raised in a diverse and multicultural community in the Bronx. Uplifting untapped talent in underrepresented communities is always at the forefront of his objectives. Building products and teams are what continues to motivate Saroosh.

About Digital Ethos

Digital Ethos is an extension of your internal marketing team, bringing you and your business’ digital strategy, expertise, and results to the areas you need most.

If your brand needs to drive business growth, increase conversion rates, generate leads or boost sales, visibility, and engagement, Digital Ethos has the perfect solution for you.

The team at Digital Ethos is a big believer that people don’t just buy what you do, they buy why you do it. That is why they take a custom approach to each and every client and really get to know your business and your core values and vision in order to craft tailored strategies and campaigns that meet your unique business goals and objectives.