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ePharma 2017


Location:New York

When:06/03/2017 – 08/03/2017

ePharma 2017 brings you strategic and tactical learning, peer exchange, and dialogue that actively dissects current trends, marketplace needs, evolving customer bases, and explains how you can harness these new opportunities to build stronger, cost efficient marketing campaigns related to the healthcare industry.

Leading the most influential digital pharma community to harness the ongoing digital transformation to capitalize on evolving customer bases and marketplace trends, seize disruptive & innovative technologies, and optimize multichannel influencers.

The event will focus on:

  • Healthcare Provider (HCP) Marketing
  • Patient Marketing
  • Google, Twitter, and Facebook Health
  • Turning Insights into Actions with Google Analytics
  • Digital Innovation – A Clinical Perspective
  • Embracing and Engaging Millennial Patients

Check out ePharma 2016 highlights below:

ePharma 2017 had more than 700 attendees in 2016 coming from all major stakeholders in the pharma ecosystem, including pharma marketers, agency leaders, technologists, solution providers, media, and more.

At this event, they’ll focused on: Digital Marketing and Strategy, Brand Marketing, Patient Marketing, Payer Marketing, Commercial Strategy, HCP Marketing, Account Management, Digital Transformation, Sales and Business Development, Digital Health and Wellness, and more…

Here’s a glimpse of the top speakers at the upcoming event:

ePharma 2017 touches upon all the key concepts and critical areas of digital marketing and transformation necessary for success.

From crucial analytics and clinical innovatinon to storytelling and futurist trends, the curated content at ePharma will position you to optimize your HCP and patient marketing while protecting your brand.

For event agenda and tickets, click here.

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