Elespacio Helped Cricut Tool Up for Marketing Success

Digital creative and marketing agency Elespacio were asked to help Cricut with business growth through their Direct to Customer channel.

Cricut, a US-based brand of smart crafting machines, asked for Elespacio’s support with their smart business goals.

Elespacio was set the challenge to up business growth within key European markets and the UK. Creating a marketing strategy from scratch, they focused on performance, data analytics, and adtech.

Elespacio found ways to boost Cricut’s Direct Customer channel and help quickly boost its brand.

Cricut now leads activities across the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia, and New Zealand and plans to expand into new regions. Here’s how Elespacio helped them make that happen.

Hands-on: Planning, Plotting & Programming

Elespacio began by breaking down its monthly revenue targets into product types, before translating revenue goals into qualified users.

Each phase of customer acquisition was taken into account – awareness, engagement, and conversion – in order to reach new users and increase buyer conversions.

For this project, Elespacio designed data visualization dashboards with easy-to-understand reporting of key metrics and performance.

They connected data sources from Campaign Manager, SA360, and DV360 through Data Studio. A full-funnel approach combined results from different channels to create structure and a unified view.

Each stage of the purchasing funnel that Elespacio set up had its own set goals, audiences, and KPIs.

Brand awareness through video and display ads at the upper stages, increasing qualified traffic through paid search and shopping to drive conversions and revenue at the lower stages.

A Hand-Cut, Custom-Made Solution

As for tools, Elespacio decided to onboard the Cricut team onto the Google Marketing Platform where machine learning, audience targeting, and access to rich inventory within the programmatic environment meant they were well-equipped.

Elespacio used audience data to build an effective targeting strategy for video, display, and search campaigns.

After integrating all GMP tools, they used Google Analytics 360 to ethically analyze user demographic, gender, age, interests, and in-market behavior data.

They also implemented Campaign Manager Floodlights on Cricut’s website using Google Tag Manager and Cricut’s US partner, Jellyfish.

To see the best-performing segments, Elespacio conducted an ongoing analysis at the end of every campaign lifecycle. They were then able to optimize, optimise, optimize to make sure monthly goals were hit.

Retargeting campaigns based on users’ past DTC interactions helped Cricut re-engage with an audience who were already warmed up to buy – and helped Elespacio to create new audience segments which they then pushed to DV360 in order to activate the video and display campaigns.

Upon the foundations Elespacio set, machine learning and automation could work their magic. Custom bidding with a custom JavaScript code in the Demand Side Platform maximized the number of conversions at the lowest possible cost, increasing revenue and return on ad spend.

The audience saw the most relevant messages at the right moment, which led to higher conversions.

The Right Tools Were in the Right Hands

Elespacio believes that great technology is nothing without great people. Within forming well-connected teams able to communicate smoothly and follow slick processes lies the real collaborative success with Cricut.

Things do look good on paper too. Within the first year, Elespacio exceeded key business impact metrics. In the pilot market, the UK, Cricut’s Return on Ad Spend evolved to 335% instead of an expected 300%.

They then moved on to the German market and reached a 521% Return on Ad Spend in comparison to the expected 350%.

Elespacio now continues to work closely with Cricut to identify gaps and opportunities, continuously improve their services, and achieve ambitious goals for all current and future campaigns.

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