Elespacio Developed a New Brand Identity For ISMAX

Elespacio was commissioned to develop a new brand identity for the ISMAX Natural line of hygiene products. Kitchen paper, facial tissues, toilet rolls and so on – that are recycled, unbleached, eco-friendly and of very good quality.

Being Green, Being Cool

They created a natural design and brand that is bold, confident, unapologetically unbleached and proud to be 100% recycled. And turned the products into a fun, friendly ‘family’ of characters that puts a smile on the customers’ face and makes them feel good about buying the brand while saving the planet at the same time.

Unravelling the Roll: The Importance of Data

The project was kicked off with in-depth market research on customers’ pain points, motivations and behaviour by interviewing store staff about customers’ shopping habits and display of products in stores. They analysed the competitions’ branding strategies and they asked the stakeholders about their values, goals and objectives.

Finally, a branding workshop resulted in a clear vision and mission for ISMAX. The brand would commit to differentiating itself through sustainability, focus on eco-conscious consumers, and communicate the ISMAX Natural ‘world’ clearly through all its packaging.


Meet ISMAX, the Naturally Adorable Family

While interviewing and workshopping, something began to emerge. An opportunity to represent the voice of the people behind the product. The things these people were saying during the interviews often came in the form of interesting, funny one-liners.

Out of this, an idea was born: a family of talking paper products. The family would be loud and friendly. Each product would have a character of its own, and their quotes would become the copy printed on the packaging.

“For this roll, I should get an Oscar.” ISMAX Toilet Roll

These mischievous characters also got the chance to star in film. In three adorable brand movies, each responding to a customer pain point: absorbance, softness and recycling.

“A tissue for your issue?” ISMAX Tissues

So the ISMAX Natural family was brought to life with something to say, and with a mission to clean things up, whether it’s your kitchen spills, your tears, your face (or other bits). And the family owes its existence to the marrying of research data with creativity.

About Elespacio

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