Elespacio Created Digital Strategy for Barceló Hotel Group

Elespacio provided support to the Barceló Hotel Group to power their digital strategy. They documented a detailed framework to ensure a successful campaign launch.

According to recent research from Boston Consulting Group, 98% of brands are not reaching their full potential of data-driven marketing. Thus, they are missing out on benefits such as higher engagement at every level of the customer journey, significant savings on production costs and up to 20% revenue growth.

With the aim of helping brands profit from this opportunity, Google compiled a guide consisting of 5 key principles that they called the 5 A’s: Audience, Assets, Access, Attribution, and Automation.

  • Audience: Identifying and engaging the right people.
  • Assets: Offering the best possible customer experience.
  • Access: Maximising the reach of your messages.
  • Attribution: Measuring the value of each point of contact.
  • Automation: Simplifying operations and improving performance.

This article is a real-life story of how Elespacio helped the Barceló Hotel Group activate all of these principles through the dynamic framework they tailored and implemented.

Elespacio team enabled Barceló to automate the delivery of the right combination of message and creative assets for each individual user —the right audience— selected through meticulous attribution rules.

And what’s more interesting, they trained the Hotel Group’s Marketing and Design teams to manage the framework autonomously. Moreover, it is a 100% turnkey project.

From Always-On to Always-Own

This project represents a new challenge for Elespacio. It was also the first time they ever trained a client to have full control of their dynamic framework!

They committed to three key goals. First, they set up a pilot dynamic retargeting campaign in the studio—as usual. Afterward, they showed their client Barceló how to handle the day-to-day management of their campaign, with an always-on approach. And finally, they taught them to replicate the framework for other campaigns and markets, beyond the pilot.

They want to laud Barceló’s courage and determination to bring in-house the complete power over their digital strategy.

The Dynamic Retargeting Strategy

Elespacio developed the dynamic retargeting strategy in collaboration with Barceló and their data analytics agency Business Minds. As outlined above, this strategy was to be immediately implemented as a pilot campaign for the Spanish market. However, it was conceived to be replicated for all the many other Barceló markets around the globe and remain always on, allowing for progressive optimization over time.

As in all dynamic retargeting strategies, they scoped the key remarketing scenarios and created a messaging matrix. The reason was to match audiences with relevant product offerings. So, they planned to lure destination page visitors with creatives of the seen destination and hotel page visitors with creatives featuring the seen hotels.

The core strategy is straightforward, but there were about a dozen different data inputs or remarketing attributes defining the content displayed and the exit URLs in the creative ads.

  • Hotel ID
  • Language
  • Number of rooms
  • Currency
  • Check-in date
  • Check-out date
  • Number of adults, children and their age
  • Country where the impression is viewed
  • Destination ID

One Brick at A Time

They equipped the framework with quite an ambitious set of retargeting criteria to kick off the pilot campaign. On the other hand, that was not all, it was designed with scalability in mind.

Barceló teams up with data analytics agency Business Minds, who provide actionable insights based on data analysis. This means they could need to integrate additional audience segments anytime. That’s why the system was built allowing for additional sophistication in retargeting intelligence.

Coaching Barceló for Success

Once the pilot campaign was all set up, Elespacio documented every detail of the framework in a comprehensive guide and wrapped it up for delivery. Then they set off for the beautiful island of Mallorca, where Barceló is headquartered. During that time, they aimed to conduct a day-long live session and transfer all the knowledge. After all, Elespacio spent the following days giving them support over video conference to ensure a successful campaign launch.

The Superpowers

Elespacio showed Barceló how to handle the day-to-day management of their campaign. However, what does this exactly mean? What key skills were transferred to their marketing team?

Thanks to the training, they set up every single detail of their digital display retargeting strategy. This means determining what product offerings and messages to expose site visitors with, according to onsite behaviour.

The goal is to progressively adjust these settings and even set up A/B tests to gain insights and continuously optimize the always-on campaigns over time.

  • Add new markets,
  • Manage languages and currencies,
  • Manage hotels and destinations,
  • Set up A/B tests,
  • Manage creative content for each remarketing scenario,
  • Manage pictures and graphic assets,
  • Manage claims and creative copy.

Pablo de Juan, from UX & E-commerce department at Barceló Hotel Group, stated:

Not only did Elespacio propose and implement a custom solution to fit our marketing needs, but they also successfully trained our team so that we can now manage always our campaigns in house. The challenge is on!

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