EIGHTFOUR Built the Online Presence of Playpoint Asia

EIGHTFOUR built the Playpoint online presence reflecting the new playground experience what the company represented. A project centered around the core philosophy of the brand: Imagination at Play.

Imagination at Play: Playpoint Asia

Playpoint has built a reputation in Singapore & around the region for being the best at what they do; design & engineering truly masterful playground experiences for children that don’t just look good, but push the boundaries of playground & landscape design.

EIGHTFOUR was commissioned to reinterpret, rebrand, rewrite & rebuild the Playpoint online presence from the ground up. The new experience had to reflect what the company has come to represent: imagination at play, sustainable building practices, and above all, fun.



Prototyped, Designed & Developed an immersive website that re-interpreted the brand at a foundational level. Taking things a step further, they filmed some of the latest creations with HD-capable drones for use on the site.

A Homepage to Inspire

EIGHTFOUR and the client felt the homepage would play particular importance in setting the mood. They wanted something interactive, stylish & dynamic & above all, something that felt fun & engaging.

Case Study Jig Saw

Playpoint has been so prolific over the years, completing literally thousands of playground projects over the years, the case study page had to be flexible enough to cater to all different kinds. EIGHTFOUR developed an extensive component list that was able to show off every detail of the project.


Join the Fun

Playpoint issued a further challenge to EIGHTFOUR: “They’re a great place to work, and they should look part”. EIGHTFOUR designed a careers section that clearly explained why Playpoint was the best place to work for the next generation of creative minds.

To the Skies

EIGHTFOUR felt it wasn’t enough to show the playgrounds with photography alone. They wanted to get above it all & film it from the skies. They made a series of films for the latest playgrounds from Playpoint for use on the website & other materials.

Photographing Every Detail

To build the case studies, they photographed every piece of the playgrounds, making sure they articulated the thinking behind each detail.



Playpoint is so established, they know exactly who they are, they know their values & design philosophy & creative process. Their challenge was to put it into words & pictures & tell the story online.

The Team

EIGHTFOUR developed a brand new, fresh photography style guide that allowed Playpoint to photograph current & new team members across the region in a consistent way that reflects both the professionalism & creativity they embody.

About Eightfour

EIGHTFOUR is a human-first User Experience Agency comprised of a team of makers, thinkers and techies, passionate about making the things you love to use. Born out of a collection of highly specialized people, EIGHTFOUR forms a versatile & complementary team that injects passion and know-how into everything they take on. They’re obsessed with building digital business and love to create intuitive digital products & platforms for companies, start-ups and ordinary people like them.

They work as a dedicated team, only taking on one large project at a time. Over the past five years, EIGHTFOUR’s honed a pipeline that allows them to inject both utility & delight into every project they undertake.