Effective Tactics to Generate Leads via Landing Pages in 2020

Earning attention of your audiences is no longer a cakewalk. With the constant change in consumer habits and expectations, businesses require to pull up their socks and come up with some serious change in their working patterns/methods that they used just five years ago. Such as applying new and effective methods to generate leads.

It’s not just about identifying different ways to market but also to understand the significance of selling to match the way people who actually love to shop and buy goods and services.

Generating high-quality leads

Do you seek value from technology-based options? If so, businesses online must move in a faster/smarter manner as their digital business efforts move into high gear.


Generating high-quality leads has become a norm where you can hook your professional’s team up with information that assists them well in establishing connections, building relationships, and closing deals in the best manner possible.

But the question is how this is done? Well, you need to focus on two primary areas:

  • Get more visitors
  • Get a better reaction from them

Optimizing the landing page for generating more leads

Now if you are hunting down to capture more visitors online; crafting a well-optimized, highly targeted and a converting landing page at hand is the most effective way to consider.


Here’s the proof – a world’s leading agency, Conversion Rate Experts, happened to help the Moz and the result are the silver lining. SEOmoz, generate $1,000,000 million with just one landing page that had an alluring call to action. And it all happened in a span of four months.

Introducing a landing page

I personally define a landing page as the backbone of your all online marketing campaigns. Technically speaking, it is a pure form of advertisement to your services, products or resources. And trust me, here you require putting a lot of effort to drive people/visitors to the page. 

Get to know the Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand of a successful landing page

Have you heard the story “The Empty Pickle Jar”? Similarly, your lead generation strategies must incorporate rocks, pebbles, and sand in their appropriate proportion.

Let me explain in detail. The large rocks; most essential elements to your strategy are the content. Also, we as businesses are the rock makers. Several tools are used to generate traffic, such as your blog, SEO, PPC, and social platforms.

So use them wisely can create compelling content like never before. You can establish yourself as a first-person who loves to showcase his experience or go-to, educational leader in your industry.

Also, have you heard of this cliche – Be the flame and not the moth? Try that cliche in a bar, and you might learn how to improve lead generation rates with an increasing number of qualified leads.

Further below I would like to emphasize on specific practices to take into account for creating the perfect lead generation post-click landing page.

#1 Lead capture

So, what are the odds now? Maybe half of your visitors will never return to your site especially if you fail to capture an adequate amount of leads. In such cases, having a working email address is the best thing any marketer could ask for.

But do you think visitors are always ready to provide such information in a single go? Probably not! Thus, you can have call-to-action buttons or sign up here buttons at your service. A strategic marketing consultant and Facebook ads specialist named Nicholas Kusmich came up with a new rule of thumb to obtain visitors information. 

  • Give before you ask
  • Every step of the marketing process must be valuable in and of itself

It may quite interest you to know that there was a time when opt-in email was considered as a luxury. What time to go alive was the big question those days, and now we exactly have our ways to get things done right by fending off information from all angles.

Another aspect to take into account includes avoiding installing pop-up blockers and dumping our spam folders. So, break the walls put up by potential buyers, come up with new-kickass opt-in methods to acquire accurate information.


#2 Lead magnets

Optimizing the process of converting visitors into leads is the must-do activity when you wish to create a successful client lifecycle. There lies a hole between the traffic generation phase and the lead generation phase resulting in one-time visitors who ruthlessly neglect your attempts to capture their information and never like to hear from you again.

Sealing up the hole is no big deal. All you need is lead magnet tools. Right from email opt-ins to subscriptions and social media follows you can fish for some sign of interest from their site’s visitors.

Some of the best examples here include:

  • Training video series
  • Webinars
  • Free trial
  • Ebooks
  • A set of bonus tips
  • White papers
  • An interview with an expert on a relevant topic

 #3 Landing Page Conversion  

Another interesting asset to your business is increasing landing page conversions. Serving the dual purpose of capturing leads and warming up potential customers, landing pages if created right can work wonders like never before.

Use the captivating headline to increase curiosity among visitors

  • Research more about your audiences
  • Be precise in your stand
  • Opt for the right tools
  • Use relevant and alluring visuals
  • Optimize call-to-action/sign-up section
  • Use customer testimonials
  • Follow-up

Apart from this, you have to deliver the promise that your landing page made. For example, if you have mentioned 50% off here make sure you keep your word and deliver that.

Another way to think upon is to concentrate well on font, coloring, and images used. Make sure that the ad you create is duplicated on your landing page to some degree.

#4 Lead scoring

The last “L“ is about prioritizing all the leads based on their level of engagement with your inbound marketing content and ultimately help you figure out who is ready to buy. This step will certainly help you in identifying what your end users are interested in if setup accurately.

Recognizing the company’s hottest leads will save your business time and money when reaching your target market and capitalizing on sales opportunities.

SEO Brand knows the importance of landing pages inside of a marketing funnel. As an indispensable part of your business, you want to make sure you are making the most out of a user’s experience, from the moment they land on your page right up to the moment of purchase. Here the agency shares a unique Checklist for Landing Page Best Practices.

In a nutshell, success is all about prioritizing different elements of your marketing strategy.

If the foundation is in place for you to build an efficient and effective approach around. Don’t forget to experiment and implement continually and you are sorted!

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