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eCommerce Design Summit 2020

Organization:Tech Circus



The eCommerce Design Summit is the world’s only two-day conference dedicated to the role that experience-led product design & strategy plays in transforming user engagement for retail, travel & leisure brands.

Whether physical or digital, the experience that customers are given dictates who they buy from and how often. At EDS, they bring leading eCommerce brands together to share insights into their strategy, design and optimisation; to demonstrate the real, measurable impact of experience-led Product or Service Design. Central to the conference is showcasing how an improved, personalised experience delivers on the business goals as much as answering user needs.

Check out the video to find out more about the eCommerce Design Summit:

At the eCommerce Design Summit, 20 hand-picked design leaders will present these ideas in the form of case studies that provide attendees with actionable ‘take-homes’ for their ongoing projects. These speakers represent eCommerce brands that are leveraging experience design principles & emerging technologies across the product development lifecycle, to transform the eCommerce experience and in turn, increase conversion rates for their businesses.

The eCommerce Design Summit 2020 pulls together the world’s most innovative eCommerce platforms, to discuss their Product Design, UX and Strategy. This conference will offer excellent networking opportunities, as well as actionable insights for you and your team!

The eCommerce Design Summit 2020 is organized by Tech Circus, a London-based events company. Tech Circus is exclusively tailored to the training & development of professionals within the digital design industry and aims to become the most significant digital networking company in Europe. Tech Circus has partnered with a vast range of clients and agencies to bring together the leading experts in a vertical market. It offers high-quality training and networking at all of its events; whether they be its regular meet-ups, annual conferences, workshops or job fairs.

For more details and registration, please visit the eCommerce Design Summit website.

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