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Easy Ways That Will Help İn Boosting The Conversion Rate of Your Site

The conversion rate of a website is a way to measure the number of potential customers that will buy the products on the site. In the situation of a site, it is mostly the percentage of visitors that will make a purchase.

There are a lot of websites that focus solely on increasing the number of visitors that the website has. Most of them also have minor problems on their sites that if solved can have a huge effect on the website’s conversion rate. Also, it improves the site’s performance at less expense.

Make The User’s Life Easy

A company should start with things that are simple not only in their point of views but are simple in everyone else’s perception, particularly their target audience. The lesser the hassle in using the site, the more people will buy from the site.

Every website should aim in letting everyone have easy access to purchase in a website. Here are the things that they should consider on double-checking:

Accessibility. It is a site’s obligation to be accessible in different countries. Keep in mind that inaccessible websites can affect the sales. If visitors find the website impossible to use, they will eventually go to other sites. Inaccessible sites mostly lose 5% of their potential sales. And 5% is a very big number in the market.

Browsers. There are a lot of designers that focus on Google Chrome only. They choose this browser with a defense that a lot of site user use GC. However, it never occurs to the designer that the reason of few visitors is due to the broken link sites experience in other browsers.

Usability. Some potential customers want to discover more before buying anything. Some sites fail on considering the things that their users needs or wants, and how they will use a site. Poor usability can be a reason for having low sales. Making the site user-friendly can exponentially help in increasing the conversion of a site.

When companies combine all of the things above, it will be easier for them to increase the performance of their site.

It is important for users that the site they are visiting is accessible, usable and can work in different browsers. Solving the common problems can help in increasing the people that want to buy products and use services.

Use Strong Action Words in The Headline

Keep in mind the strength of the headline can make or break conversion because it is usually the first things that customers see. Also, the headlines become the people’s impression of the opportunity. Few words can make the service or product compelling as possible.

Since headlines hold importance for a website’s conversion, some of them use cliches and gimmicks. However, such moves usually lead to failure since modern users hate it. Instead of falling into traps, it is better for websites to use short and strong action words, clear language that creates a straightforward message and an unusual approach to customers.

Be Clear, Open And Honest

If one of the product is out of stock, then say so. Few things that annoy customers are unavailable products that are still available online.

Website owners must keep in mind that honesty and clarity are what the customers want the most. Include details and disclaimers that would let the customers know what they needed to know.


Test The Right Visitors

Each visitor behaves differently. One example is the organic visitors that usually view more pages, spends more time on the website but have lower bounces rates compared to the visitors from paid campaigns. Also, the returning visitors usually browse the site differently compared to new visitors.

A website should customize a test that aims the right people.

Implement The Use of A/B Testing

Split testing or A/B testing is the most applicable methods in improving conversion rates. It’s just regrettable that some companies do not make good use of it.

According to a study by Econsultancy, there are only 44% of businesses that use A/B testing in optimizing both operations and marketing.

Serve Elegant And Engaging Content

Content in a website matters, and it extremely matters. Keep in mind that the content should not only be for the utilization of search engines.

The contents must engage with real people. A website needs to make sure that the content is relevant, readable, and fresh that also includes the basic strategies in putting the relevant keywords and authoritative links. The content must all be in a language and tone that will suit the target audience.

Be Straightforward With The Products And Services

Nowadays, most consumers have a strong sense in detecting BS. It means that consumers know if the company is being transparent and if they are covering up damage with sugarcoated words or manipulative language. Instead of using coercive language or hokey gimmick to sell products, it is better to be straightforward.

It means that there is a need to include brief and honest bullet points about the existing advantages of the product. Also, it is better to clear up its value to the customers. The more upfront and honest the site is, the better.


Since conversion rate is vital for sites, it is also important for owners to know how they can increase it. Since there are a lot of easy and complicated ways to boost the conversion rate, it is critical that companies and website owners learn the necessary steps that will solve their problem in conversion rates. With proper execution, a site can achieve growth in their website.

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